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5+5 Water Strategy in the Western Mediterranean


According to the approved Rules of Procedure, Menbo acts as the Technical Secretariat of the Ministerial Group on Water (MGW) of the 5+5 WSWM. According to article 4 of the Rules of Procedure, Menbo’s functions include the following:

The Water Strategy in the Western Mediterranean (WSWM) is an initiative put in place under the leadership of Spain and Algeria with the objective to approve and implement a water strategy in the Western Mediterranean aiming to promote and foster a sustainable use of water resources in the Western Mediterranean region.

The Strategy is framed under the Western Mediterranean Forum, known as the 5+5, which is a cooperation policy platform created in 1990 between the two banks of the Western Mediterranean. The participant countries are Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Malta, on the European side, and Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, on the southern Mediterranean side.

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