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MENBO is a Regional Network within INBO (International Network of Basin Organisations) that promotes an integrated water resources management at the river basin level, as an essential tool for sustainable development. This organisation seeks to improve relationships among organisations in charge of water management in the Mediterranean region.

This website includes information, events and documents from other organisations and agencies related to water management, and promotes the exchange of knowledge among these. Most of the events announced, are thus from other sources, and include links to their websites.

The Regional Network was established in 2003, and is currently adding international members from the Mediterranean region. We hope this network will grow stronger with the support and collaboration from most of the Mediterranean countries that deal with river basin management.

Download here MENBO's flyer in ENGLISH, FRANÇAIS and ESPAÑOL.




Upcoming Events

13th Meeting of the Water Governance Initiative (WGI) of the OECD , 9th - 10th January, 2020, Paris (France). More info

Recently Celebrated Events

11th General Assembly of the International Network of Basin Organisations (INBO) , 30th September - 3rd October, 2019, Marrakech (Morocco). More info

8th Working Group of the WSWM, 18th - 19th September, 2019, Valencia (Spain).

12th Meeting of the Water Governance Initiative of the OECD, 20th - 21st June, 2019, Berlin (Germany). More info

17th EUROPE-INBO International Conference, 17th - 20th June, 2019, Lahti (Finland). More info

7th Beirut Water Week Conference, 8th - 10th April, 2019, Beirut (Lebanon). More info

Masar Water Programme Conference, AECID, 28th March, 2019, Madrid (Spain). More info

Seminar on Water Scarcity and Governance in Jordan and Spain, 26th November, 2018, MAEC Casa Árabe, Madrid (Spain). More info

11th meeting of the Water governance Initiative of the OECD, 12th - 13th November, 2018, Zaragoza (Spain). More info

21st Meeting of the Partnership Council of the Global Water Partnership Med (GWP Med), 6th - 7th November, 2018, Athens (Greece). More info

EURO-INBO International Conference, 17th - 20th October, 2018, Sevilla (Spain). More info

3rd MedThink Network Meeting, 25th - 27th June, 2018, Algiers (Algeria). More info

8th World Water Forum, 18th - 23rd March, 2018, Brasilia (Brazil). More info

8th Meeting of the Water Expert Group (WEG). Union for the Mediterranean, 1st February, 2018, Dead Sea (Jordan). More info