The 19th International Conference of the Europe-INBO was held at the invitation of the Energy and Water Agency (EWA) of Malta, from Wednesday 8th, to Friday 10th of December 2021.

Organizations, administrations and other stakeholders interested in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) at basin level participated in the event and shared their experiences on the implementation of European Water Directives. An Official Opening Session took place in the presence of:

Subsequently, 4 different Panel Sessions were organised, which addressed the following themes:

Session 1: Engaging basin actors in the evaluation and evolution of Water Directives; Session 2: Economic tools for basin management: integrating environment and biodiversity in cost-recovery; Session 3: Sustainable quantitative management of water resources for climate change adaptation and biodiversity preservation; Session 4: International Cooperation and basin management.

Moreover, a Workshop on Digital Technology was held, which focussed on digital solutions and different Projects that contribute to the implementation of the Water Directives.

Please find here the Programme of the Conference, the Declaration of Malta and the presentations of the meetings:

1Danube River CommissionZavadsky
1South Baltic Water District AuthorityValman
1ERA of MaltaRizzo
1Scheldt River CommissionDhaene
1Basin Artois-PicardyLedoyen
2Duero BasinGonzález
2Loire-Brittany Water AgencyMesland
2EWA of MaltaEllul
2Castelo do Bode WatershedVale
3EWA of MaltaSchembri
3OIEau on Project Eau&ClimatSiauve
3University of MaltaGatt
3Guadalquivir BasinPáez
3Romanian Ministry of EnvironmentConstantin
3Ardour-Garonne Basin CommitteeLegube
4Rhine River CommissionHeintz
4EWA of MaltaDebattista
4Danube River CommissionKovacs
4Meuse CommissionPansera
4Austrian Environment AgencyZinke
4Drin River BasinMirta

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