The 3rd Mediterranean Water Forum gathered the Mediterranean Water Community to discuss and debate regional priorities through panels and working groups. Six main topics linked with the Thematic Framework of the 8th World Water Forum (WWF) were addressed to prepare the regional sessions of the WWF:

  1. Water and climate change mitigation,
  2. Integrated sanitation for all,
  3. Water/Energy/Food/Ecosystems Nexus,
  4. Water reuse and its impacts,
  5. Managing and restoring for water services and biodiversity, and
  6. Finance for sustainable development.

Moreover, a side event on the Water Strategy for the Western Mediterranean (WSWM) was organised on this occasion. Please find the Agenda, Working Group 3 conclusions, Working Group 5 conclusions, Working Group 6 conclusions, the WSWM Presentation and the Final Report of the meeting.