The workshop “Tools to support and improve the Integrated Water Resources Management: STRATEAU and AQUATOOL. A Mediterranean Perspective” organised by the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organisations and the Technical University of Valencia in collaboration with the Water Embassy and the kind contribution of the Global Water Partnership Mediterranean took place the 20th of September 2012 in the premises of the Technical University of Valencia (Spain).

This event brought together more than 50 experts from the Mediterranean region, amongst them water managers, professors, researchers, students, representatives of water user organisations, private companies and other stakeholders. This workshop was focused mainly on the applicability of two tools that support the integrated water resources management: AQUATOOL and STRATEAU, developed respectively by the Technical University of Valencia (Spain) and the Water Embassy (France).

In a first place technical overviews on both tools and demonstrations of their practical application have been given. In the following the workshop was organised in three round tables on:

  1. Perspectives and application of the tools in River Basin Organisations
  2. Integrated water resources management in education: STRATEAU and AQUATOOL as examples
  3. Integrated water management tools in the Mediterranean.

Please click here for the programme, a briefing note in English, French and Spanish and the results of the workshop.

Please find here below all presentations given on the occasion of the Workshop on “Tools to support and improve the Integrated Water Resources Management: STRATEAU and AQUATOOL. A Mediterranean Perspective”, celebrated the 20th of September 2012 in Valencia (Spain).

Technical Overview of Strateau and Application and Demonstration of Strateau

Mr. Florent Guibert, Artois Picardie Water Agency and STRATEAU expert (France), [presentation](10.00_Guibert_Strateau Valence 20 09 2012 - ENG - rev AC - v2-97_1.pdf)

Technical Overview of Aquatool

Prof. Joaquín Andreu, Prof. Abel Solera and Prof. Javier Paredes, UPV (Spain), presentation

Application and Demonstration of Aquatool

Prof. Abel Solera, Prof. Javier Paredes and Prof. Joaquín Andreu, UPV (Spain), presentation part 1 and part 2

Perspectives and Application of the Tools in River Basin Organisations

Dr. Teodoro Estrela, Head of the Hydrological Planning Office Júcar RBA (Spain) and Permanent Technical Secretary of MENBO, presentation
Dr. Rui Jose Rodrigues, Deputy Water Director of the Portuguese Environmental Agency (Portugal), presentation
Mr. Ángel García Cantón, Head Hydrological Planning and Studies Department of the Center for Studies and Experimentation on Public Works (CEDEX) (Spain), presentation
Dr. Bruno Ballesteros, Head of the Valencian regional department of the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME) (Spain), presentation

IWRM in education: STRATEAU and AQUATOOL as examples

Ms. Jeannette Pretot, President of the Water Embassy (France), website
Prof. Luis Garrote, Technical University of Madrid (Spain), presentation
Mr. David Haro Monteagudo, Student UPV (Spain), presentation

IWRM Tools in the Mediterranean

Mr. Miguel Ángel Ródenas Cañada, President of the Segura RBA (Spain), presentation and additional background information
Dr. Milagros Couchoud, President of Mediterranean Water Institute (IME), presentation
Dr. Javier Ferrer, Júcar RBA (Spain), presentation
Mr. Hachmi Kennou, Mediterranean Water Institute (IME), website

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