The 3rd General Assembly of MENBO took place on 25th May 2005 in Marrakech, Morocco, back to back to the International Technical Seminar: "Integrated Water Resource Management in The Mediterranean Region and North Africa” and on the occasion of the celebration of the Liaison Bureau of both INBO (International Network of Basin Organisations) and ANBO (African Network of Basin Organisations).

The international event was organised between 23rd and 26th May 2005 on the invitation of the Moroccan Authorities and Basin Organisations and under the Presidency of Ms Madeleine Jouye de Grandmaison (INBO), M. Juan José Moragues (MENBO) and M. Ould Aly (ANBO). It gathered 158 high level delegates, coming from 31 countries, together with representatives of different national and international organisations and basin authorities. As well as celebrating the General Assembly of MENBO and the respective statutory meetings of MENBO, INBO and ANBO, the discussions and debates of the International Seminar tackled the following themes:

Please find the Programme, the Presentation of Menbo at the General Assembly, the Presentation of Menbo at the Liaison Bureau, and the Conclusions of the event.