ROUNDTABLE 1 Presentations: 11th MENBO General Assembly. 22-24 March 2017, Malta
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Developing Participatory Adaptation Plans for River Basins – A Handbook (Ulf Stein)
Making Society an Active Participant in Water Adaptation to Global Change (Anabel Sánchez)
PROJECT EDgE (Tatiana Ortega Gómez)
Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in the Maltese Islands (Josianne Muscat)
Adaptation aux Changements Climatiques par une Aquaculture Rurale au Niveau du Bassin d’Oum Er-Rbia (Mustapha Hasnaoui - Mohammed Droussi)
Climate Change in the Mediterranean. The Jucar River Basin Case (Miguel Ángel Pérez-Martín)
Roundtable 1 Report: Water and Climate Change Adaptation at River Basin Level (Samira El Haouat - Daniel Valensuela)